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What is our story ?

“CLAE is the story of a genuine passion for sneakers. It is also an ambition: offering a collection with pure lines, combined with the most beautiful materials, meticulous manufacturing practices, and innovative details; to offer timeless silhouettes while limiting our ecological footprint and creating a community that is synonymous with our values. The idea for our label was created in a minute, while our brand has been built over two decades. 

In this state of mind, we searched for a name - one that would best define our love for noble materials, and one that adapts to obtain an elegant, minimalist shape. a 

Thus, the name CLAE was born from the word “clay”, the same raw material that is molded by movement and perception. 

Our brand was born in Los Angeles, a varying megalopolis of all contrasts that stretches to infinity. From the hills of Hollywood to the beaches of Venice to the streets of Downtown, its architecture, design, colors, and elegance are our inspiration. 

Less is more & quality is everything. 

Focusing on upcycling, organic, vegan, and innovative materials, we are constantly questioning each step of our creative process and strengthening our links with our manufacturing workshop. We are attentive to a more respectful and ethical consumption and are committed to offering a brand that we want as individuals. Our intent is to unite a community around our vision of sustainable and social initiatives while inspiring a responsible and reasoned method of consuming.” 

Jérôme Thuillier, Brand Director